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Members of the group of companies

Private security company “Vimpel-Aljans”
Information company “Grand Level”
Private security company “Veterans”
Company “Troika-Invest”
Private security company “Force structures veterans”
NPP antiterrorist united laboratory
Informative-analytical structure of Regional public organization of veterans spetsnaz units “Vityaz”
Private Security Company “KMT Vimpel”
TB “Force structures veterans”
“Electronic security systems”
ZAO “Business Security Consulting”

Group of companies “Force structures veterans”

Group of companies “Force structures veterans” provides services for integral security of business. The advantage of our unit lies in its composition, as it consists of 10 companies, each of them has its own specialization in providing security services.

Professionally organized system of interacting and splitting the tasks within the unit allows the group of companies “Force structures veterans” to provide a complete range of services for business and human being security on a highly professional level.

Security services

Being involved in security business the group of companies “Force structures veterans” provides its clients with a complete set of security services. Five private security providing companies are members of the group. The list of services provided by the group of companies includes the following:

  • buildings and constructions security,
  • personal security (body guarding),
  • goods traffic security convoy,
  • encashment (collection).

Information services

The group of companies “ Force structures veterans” offers a range of information-consultative serves to secure business from unfair (actions) competition of competitors or criminal structures:

  • consulting,
  • (debts) repayment,
  • information pressure on debtors,
  • collection of information about different organizations,
  • checking up of business partners.

Detective services

The group has considerable experience in providing detective services. Our professionals realize:

  • collect information on civil, criminal cases and collect evidence,
  • search of missing people, debtors, those lying in hiding,
  • checking up of biographic and other data characterizing the
    employees and job applicants.

Engineering services

The group “Force structures veterans” offers flexible complex solutions of how to better equip the security units with engineering-technical instruments for different branches and scales of business:

  • designing and assembling of bank equipment, fire-alarm systems,
    fire extinction devices control and management access system,
    bullet-catchers, bullet and fire-resistant, unbreakable doors.
  • cars’ armoring.

Design and construction services

  • designing and construction of protecting units of different level,
  • designing and arrangement of shooting grounds, ranges and
    galleries with guaranty of safe-shooting,
  • design and development of work outs of armored-metal
  • inspection of technical condition of buildings and constructions.

Realtor services

  • residential and commercial real estate in Moscow, Moscow region,
    on the Seliger lake,
  • residential real estate, houses and land,
  • residential real estate privatization,
  • drawing up documents on real estate,
  • drawing up buy and sell contracts, exchange and donation
  • deals follow up,
  • state registration of real estate.