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Security services

Охранные услугиWorking in the field of ensuring complex personal and business security group companies provides its clients with a complete set of security services. Five private security companies are members of the group (PSC of Moscow and Moscow Region):
•  PSC “Force structures veterans”
•  PSC “Veterans”
•  PSC “Veteran-A”
•  PSC “Vimpel-Aljans”
•  PSC “KMT Vimpel”

Each company offers  professional security services in a definite direction:
•  objects (buildings) security,
•  ensuring of checkpoint control as well as inner objects (buildings) routine,
•  personal security (body guarding),
•  goods traffic security convoy,
•  encashment (collection),
•  ensure (keep up) public order in places of mass activities,
•  consulting.

Охранные услуги. Охрана банка ВРБSecurity services are provided and realized by our security companies within the frame of an integral technological process for 24 hours.

Accurate interaction of all functional units of the company structure is ensured by the call service which has in its subordination all the available forces and means of the security companies as well as the securing group of companies on the whole.

PSC Call service  is equipped with the latest gadgets of connection and information has in its operative subordination a reserve group. This service has also a direct link with the management group-components “Force structures veterans” and all members of the PSC to quickly get to the secured object in case of necessity at any time of day and night.

The recruiting procedure is very strict for the job applicants, they are checked on reliability, professional and physical fitness and take psychological test. Employees, involved directly into the security service activity are between 25-45 years old.

Well developed and realized the clock round control system of the security service on the objects (buildings) guarantees high and permanent quality of provided security services.

Besides daily check up of the objects (buildings) by the object inspector, the work of the security employee on the object is checked by the regime company employees during work time and after it daily according to the previously developed plan.

Reliability, continuity, activity, mobility, accuracy is our primary goal and task in providing security services to our clients and all this is confirmed by good references about our work.